About the Committee

A Committee, elected annually, oversee the work of the Charity.

The 2015-2016 Committee Members, working on behalf of all those affected by a brain tumour, are:


Chair: Maggi Whyte

Vice-chair: Ethna O'Kane

Honorary Secretary: Kate Ferguson MBE

Treasurer: Elaine Hayes


Committee Members:

Monica Baxter

John Baxter

Gillian McDonald

Michael McDonald

Kay McKenna

Alistair McLean

Phyllis Scott

Säba Whyte

Michelle McWilliams


Charity Patron: Pamela Ballantine


2015-2016 Brainwaves NI Committee Members [elected/re-elected at AGM, Oct 2015].


The committee meets every second Wednesday of the month, excluding July, August and December.

All Committee members act on a voluntary basis.

They all share the same ambition which is to work together to support those all affected by a brain tumour.

The charity receives no statutory grant.