Our supporters come from all walks of life and to lend a hand in many different ways.

To assist Brainwaves NI, our members have brought their time, energy, enthusiasm and dedication to support and raise awareness of the work of Brainwaves NI.

There are lots of opportunities to support Brainwaves NI:

  • Excite others about our charity
  • Organise Collection Days and Points
  • Place Leaflets in your local library| surgery | health club
  • Support Awareness Days
  • Encourage your local community to adopt our charity
  • Ask your employer to adopt us as their ‘Charity of the Year’
  • Ask your employer to support you in matched giving
  • Arrange In Celebration donation in lieu of birthday presents
  • Arrange In Memoriam donation given at funerals
  • Leave a Legacy 

If you would be interested in supporting Brainwaves NI, please contact on 028 8676 6000 or email to discuss your ideas and organise a supporter pack.