Brainwaves NI has supported brain tumour research at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB), Queen’s University Belfast

A Brain Tumour Focus Group comprising of healthcare clinicians from Belfast Trust and researchers from CCRCB has been recently established with the assistance of Brainwaves NI. This group aims to work together and share information.

Learn more about the ambitions of this focus group here    

Watch a video about CCRCB here

This video has been made by David Gray to highlight the support given both by local individuals and Brainwaves NI to assist CCRCBdevelop their research project investigating an area of Brain Tumour Research.

Please Note: the content of this video may be upsetting, especially if you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed or currently living with a brain tumour and you may not wish to view it.

If you need to talk or have concerns, you can contact our Support and Information Line on 028 9335 3995


David Gray and Sandra McKillop from Brainwaves NI pictured with Professor Kevin Prise, a representative from the focus group at CCRCB

David Gray, Brainwaves NI member, led the production of the video in which he reflects on his motivation for working with Brainwaves NI to produce the video

My motivation for making this video was to highlight the fantastic research work being done at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology at Queen’s’ University Belfast. I was also keen to promote the work of Brainwaves NI – they may be a small charity but they achieve so much, both in funding research and providing help and support to people affected by a brain tumour.

Since my own diagnosis with a brain tumour in 2009 I have been passionate about highlighting the disease and the need for research funding.  At the time of my diagnosis I was a fit and active 35 year old and had not experienced any symptoms. My diagnosis was obviously a huge shock but it also came as a surprise to me how little was known about the disease, its potential causes or what the best treatment should be.

Brain tumours are rarely discussed in the media and there is a chronic need for more funding so scientists can better understand the disease, find new ways of treating it and potentially find a cure. I think the work being done at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology is very exciting and the results will hopefully make a real difference in the not too distant future.  For people like myself who have experienced a brain tumour, new treatments can’t come soon enough.

It is very encouraging to see a local charity like Brainwaves NI provide substantial funding for brain tumour research. I hope this video will help to get the message out that there is really important work taking place in Belfast at CCRCB and that Brainwaves NI are doing so much to help make it happen.


The video was produced by David Gray, assisted by Sandra McKillop and narrated by Pamela Ballantine, Patron of Brainwaves NI.

The cameramen were Paul Richie and David Barker.  Post Production was provided by Yellow Moon.

Inputs provided by Lorraine Burns, John Baxter, Alistair McLean, Brainwaves NI; Professor David Waugh, Professor Kevin Prise, Dr Tom Flannery and Dr Shahnaz T. Al Rashid; CCRCB.