There are nearly 40 cancer and vital life-extending drugs some of which are researched, designed, developed, tested and trialled at QUB Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology that are NOT available to local NI cancer patients.

This issue was originally brought to attention by local cancer campaigners and from the beginning we supported their campaign particularly through social media, were we shared their urgent message to help bring wider local attention to such a crucial and shocking issue.

It’s a travesty that people in Northern Ireland are fundraising to support local & national research but not getting the benefit of it.

This is particular highlighted by the case of local cancer campaigner Una Crudden who is battling ovarian cancer, she is denied ovarian cancer drug Avastin because it is only available to NHS patients in England even though the drug is being advanced andtrialled by Queens University Belfast CCRCB.

Even more shocking is the fact the Una took part in the the CCRCB trial but is now denied it on the NHS.

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Avastin is a drug which has recently been trialled in the USA for Glioblastoma Multiforme, so is of interest to brain tumour patients waiting to see if it offers tangible hope for treatment.

Whilst this may not affect you today – it could affect you, your family and friends tomorrow!

This is why we have continued to support everyone trying to bring wider local attention to this life-threatening issue.

The campaign was then taken up by Cancer Focus NI in partnership with the Daily Mirror. All local cancer charities have supported it and we actively encouraged our followers to support it too.

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