This Information Evening, aimed at patients, their carers, family and friends affected by a brain tumour, provided an overview of the organisation and management of the Northern Ireland Regional Neuro-Oncology service including the role of the MDT and how it operates.

Over 70 members attended the event which was held at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB), Queen’s University, Belfast. 

Our members had the opportunity to hear from the key healthcare professionals involved in the pathway of care and management and to learn about new and emerging techniques on the treatment of brain tumours.

Brainwaves NI continues to build local relationships with key clinicians.  This is further strengthening the Charity’s efforts in supporting the continued development of the local Neuro-oncology service.

Key speakers included: 

Mr Steven McKinstry, Consultant Neuroradiologist & Chair of the MDT Meeting; 

Ms Medb Bradley, Neuro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist;

Dr Brian Herron, Consultant Neuropathologist;

Dr Jackie Harney, Consultant Clinical Oncologist;

Ms Gillian Trimble, Chief Speech & Language Therapist

Mr Tom Flannery, Consultant Neurosurgeon.

Further details and Resources from the Information Evening:


Speaker Presentations

Role of the MDT and Purpose of the MDMMr Tom Flannery & Mr Steven McKinstry

Keeping Neuro-Oncology Patients and Carers InformedMs Medb Bradley

Role of the Neuroradiologist; Mr Steven McKinstry (presentation unavailable)

Molecular Profiling of Brain TumoursDr Brian Herron

Recent Updates in Management of Malignant Brain TumoursDr Jackie Harney

Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Tumours & Future DevelopmentsMr Tom Flannery

Awake Craniotomy for Eloquent TumoursMs Gillian Trimble