Just as Supporting Patients and Carers and funding Research are important, it is also vital that we continue to Raise Awareness about Brain Tumours.

Grey is the colour of Brain Tumours.

Around the world patients, families, carers, campaigners, neurosurgeons and researchers all proudly support the grey ribbon.

To help raise awareness about the impact of a brain tumour we designed a series of Infographic images, which we share on social media to help Raise Awareness.

These images has proved incredibly popular in the global brain tumour community – being shared by patients, campaigners and neurosurgeons.


This second image about benign tumours was particularly popular, it was seen by 11,084 people, received 694Likes, 72 Comments and 153 Shares

If you would like to view our gallery of Infographic images about Brain Tumours, follow this link

Select and click on any of the images in our Go Grey in May Facebook gallery to open & view image.

To save an image to share on Facebook or Twitter:

Wait until image completely loads and then right click on image and select Save picture as…

and then Select your file location and click Save

Now you have some images to share amongst your friends and followers to help raise awareness about the shocking facts & the impact of brain tumours on patients and carers.