Welcome to Brainwaves NI

“Brainwaves NI is northern Ireland’s only Brain Tumour Charity and is volunteer led.  We aim to provide support for brain tumour patients, their families, and carers, raise awareness of brain tumours and fund vital research at the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen’s University Belfast, to help find a cure for brain cancer.”

As a registered charity Brainwaves NI has been providing support services to children and adults with brain tumours since 1994.  The charity is managed by an annually elected committee of volunteers dedicated to the belief that together we can make a difference to the lives of those affected by a brain tumour.

Brainwaves NI is both a support and a research charity.  Research is fundamental to finding a cure for brain tumours.  We have a strong relationship with the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen’s University, Belfast.  Over the last six years we have provided funding of £500,000 towards that vital research.

At the discretion of the Brainwaves NI committee, we offer a one-off financial assistance payment to newly or recently diagnosed patients.

The startling statistics are that more children and adults under 40 die of a brain tumour than any other cancer.  Yet the national spend on research is around 2%.

In recent times organising events has been impossible.  As times become more normal, we will organise activities which offer social and emotional support.  These activities provide an opportunity for families to come together to share their experiences and support one another.

We rely totally on donations and encourage you to become a member/supporter to help us help you.