Committee Member – Carol Harris

My name is Carol Harris and I live in Moira with my Husband Stephen and my 2 sons, Gareth(26) and Jamie(22)

I was diagnosed with a Benign Meningioma Brain tumour in December 2014 and had my surgery.    In April 2015 in the RVH under the fantastic  Neuro Surgeon Mr Abouharb and the Opthamologist Mr Lacey who worked together.

The location of my tumour meant that it could not be fully removed.

In April 2019 I had to undergo 6 weeks of radiotherapy treatment to try to stop any more growth.I have my MRI’s regularly to check on the progress of my tumour.

I came into contact with the Brainwaves Charity during my recovery and decided to join onto the committee as I found their support to be of great help.

It was good to meet and talk with people who were going through similar situations.