Committee Member Julie Adams

My name is Julie Adams, a 38 year old from Newtownabbey.  I am a single parent to Charlie who is 13 years old.  On 4th October 2016 my life took a bit of a turn when I was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.  I had surgery to remove it on 17th October 2016 and thanks to the amazing Dr Flannery he was able to remove all the tumour.

Ten days later I was given the devastating news that my tumour was a grade IV glioblastoma and therefore I was to start 30 days of radiotherapy followed by 6 sessions of chemotherapy. 

I am a very positive person and kept a positive outlook throughout my treatment and I do believe that is why I am here today to tell my story.  My treatment finished in July 2017 and my scan in August showed everything was stable.

I have since had 3 more scans as I get an MRI every 6 months and to date they have all been stable and I feel great.

When I was going through my treatment I discovered a friend was going through exactly the same thing but he was a month ahead of me.  We kept each other going all through the treatment, asking advice and just being able to talk to someone who knew exactly what you were going through made it so much easier.

He was my lifeline as was I his.  Sadly, he lost his battle in June 2018 and one of his wishes was to raise lots of money for Brainwaves NI.

I decided then that I would do this for him but better still become part of the charity and offer my support to other individuals and their families going through this journey.