In May last year our daughter Aimee was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour (you can read her story under her committee entry). It was a very traumatic time moving from one day having a very active, fit daughter to the next having to stand and watch as she was taken in for emergency brain surgery and all the trauma that brings. Looking after Aimee post-surgery was a privilege as she was, and continues to be, so positive but it was also very difficult for us all as a family navigating the unknown. Her care was second to none both here and in Glasgow. She left hospital on the fifth day and we often had questions about what to expect, what was normal, what you could and couldn’t do and there were no easy answers and often no one to ask.

We both joined Brainwaves so we could spend time with other people with similar experiences and to raise money for much needed research into brain tumours. It is very important to us to be able to be part of BrainwavesNI as we are very grateful for all the support we have received, and we know how important it is.