Due to Covid-19 fundraising has been significantly affected. We are aware a lot of these fundraising ideas cannot take place at present; however, some can be moved to a virtual event. If you have any ideas for fundraising in a pandemic, please get in touch.


Our charity receives no statutory grant. The vital support we provide and the funding we donate to brain tumour research is only made possible by the generosity from the public.

If you are interested in organising a fundraising activity or have an idea for an event, please contact us to discuss and arrange a fundraising pack.

Brainwaves NI are very grateful for previous donations from individuals, organisations and businesses who have heard about our worthy charity and have undertaken donation drives or fundraising events.

Click here to read about some of our Fab Fundraisers.

To fundraise for Brainwaves NI, our members have harnessed their skills, hobbies and talents in a variety of activities.

  • Organise a fundraising event
  • Get sponsored for a challenge
  • Harness your talents in a ‘Make and Sell’ activity

Ideas for Fundraising Events

Barn Dance
Book Sale
Car Boot Sale
Car Washing
Community concert
Dinner Dance
Fair or Fete
Fancy Dress
Halloween Party
Night at the Races
Pet Show
Plant Sale
Treasure hunt

Ideas for Sponsored Activity Challenges

Aerobics marathon
Cycle marathon
Dance contest
Football tournament
Golf match
Judo competition
Line dancing marathon
Marathon event
Parachute jump
Rowing races
Sports contest
Yacht race

Ideas for Sponsored Appearance Challenges

Wear ‘Bad hair’ day
Wear a ‘Silly tie to the office’ day
Wear a ‘Silly costume out’ day
Wear ‘No make-up’ day
Get a radical Haircut or Hair colour day

Ideas for Make and Sell activities

Arts and Craft stalls
Cake or Cookie Sale
Coffee Morning
Home-Made Lemonade stalls
Tea Party

If you would be interested in supporting Brainwaves NI through fundraising, please contact on 028 8676 6000 or email info@brainwaves-ni.org to discuss your ideas and organise a fundraising pack.