In memory of Darren ‘Framezy’ WIlliams

On Saturday 6th July 2019 Darren Williams very sadly passed away suddenly at his home in Ballywalter.  Darren or Framezy as he was well known as was a big name with an even bigger character amongst the flute band community.  His father and uncle both passed away years ago with a brain tumour and therefore Darren decided he would set up a ‘Brainwaves Protestant boys’ flute band.  This band was made up of members from all over the country and they held fundraising events and even travelled to Scotland to raise money for a charity that was very close to his heart.

Over the years Darren raised thousands and thousands of pounds for Brainwaves, more than we can ever thank him for.  All this fundraising he did has gone a long way over the years in helping us as a charity offer valuable support to our patients and their families.  We are eternally grateful for his efforts and we know he realised how valued he was in our community also.

On Friday 12th July George King from South Belfast Young Conquerors walked along with the annual Belfast parade from Carlisle Circus to Barnetts Demense wearing a brainwaves tshirt with Darren’s picture on it and carrying a charity bucket.  After the 6 mile journey to the field it was announced that they had collected an amazing £1800.  By the end of the day the total reached £3000.

This just shows how appreciated Darren was in this community and the South Belfast Young Conquerors have vowed to continue the Brainwaves Protestant boys in his honour.