Professor Kevin M. Prise    

Kevin Prise is Professor of Radiation Biology, Queen’s University Belfast, where he has been since 2007. Prior to this, he was Head of the Cell and Molecular Radiation Biology Group at the Gray Cancer Institute in Northwood, London. A Biochemistry graduate of Aberdeen University, he received his PhD in Cell Biology and Biochemistry, from the University of Aberdeen

He has developed wide-ranging interests in radiation biology including research on optimising advanced radiotherapies, cell and tissue signalling mechanisms and low dose radiation risk. With Tom Flannery and more recently Darragh McArt, he has been instrumental in developing a Brain Tumour Research Focus Group at the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research generously supported by Brainwaves NI. The group is developing new strategies for analysing and treating recurrent high grade gliomas and also new tools for predicting progression from low to high grade using advanced genomics, informatics and molecular pathology.

Dr Darragh McArt

Darragh is a Reader in Translational Bioinformatics, having joined Queen’s University Belfast in 2009. Darragh is also founder and CEO of Sonrai Analytics, a QUB commercial spin out that provides analytical solutions to biotech and pharma entities. Darragh did his initial BSc in NUI Maynooth and MSc and PhD at University of Ulster, Coleraine.

Darragh has a keen interest in innovative analytics, adopting modern AI applications to solve precision medicine problems where ‘big data’ has become an issue. He has worked hard to try to apply these solutions to cancers of unmet need, particularly in the brain tumour space. He was delighted to collaborate with Prof Prise and Dr Flannery within QUB and to build this network externally with some of the UK’s foremost authorities in brain tumour research. This has led to some promising informatic works being applied to brain tumour clinical trial datasets to provide new insights into how we treat patients today.

Dr. Caitríona E. McInerney


Caitríona McInerney is a Research Fellow at the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research. She graduated with a Science degree from Trinity College Dublin, and MSc and Phd degrees from Queen’s University Belfast in Population genetics and Bioinformatics and Computational genomics, respectively. Caitríona has worked as a researcher and research consultant for over twenty years in both government and private research institutions worldwide. Caitríona has wide-ranging research experience in genetics, statistics and bioinformatics.

With generous funding from Brainwaves NI, Caitríona has been researching brain tumours since 2017 as part of the Brain Tumour Research Focus Group. Under the guidance of Darragh McArt and Kevin Prise, this work has involved using advanced genomics and informatics to analyse large datasets of gliomas, including clinical trials. The work collaborates with research groups in the UK and elsewhere and aims to better understand the biological mechanisms involved in glioma disease progression. Results could identify new therapeutic targets and biomarkers, as well as improve patient diagnosis.

Dr Karl T. Butterworth

Dr Karl Butterworth is a Senior Lecturer in Translational Radiation Biology at the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen’s University Belfast where he has been a principal investigator since 2014. He has been a visiting scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) in Rome.

His research interests focus on biological optimisation in radiotherapy through advanced beam delivery modalities and rationally designed drug radiotherapy combinations. His group is developing new nanomedicine based strategies by combining radiotherapy with molecular inhibitors of the DNA damage response for the treatment of primary gliomas as part of the Brain Tumour Focus Group. Central to his research programme is the application of in vivo models with image-guided radiotherapy aiming to interrogate radiotherapy response closely linking preclinical imaging and functional tissue assessment.

Brianna Kerr

Brianna Kerr is a 2nd year PhD student in the Radiation Biology group in Queens University Belfast, working closely with supervisors Dr. Karl Butterworth and Professor Kevin Prise. Prior to this position, Brianna completed a Masters in Cancer Biology at Queens University with her research project also supervised by Dr. Karl Butterworth. As a graduate of Biochemistry from Swansea University, she developed a great interest in the field of cancer biology and research. Brianna’s current research is generously funded by Brainwaves NI and focuses on improving radiotherapy in glioblastoma using novel nanotherapies and optimising drug combinations.