Brainwaves NI Committee

The committee is made up of volunteers who have been affected either personally or through a family member by a brain tumour. We meet once a month to plan and deliver the strategic and operational management of the charity.

The Committee members act on a voluntary basis and they all share the same ambition which is to work together to support those affected by a brain tumour.

The committee is active for nine months of the year from September to June, excluding December. We are especially keen to welcome new committee members this year to play a role in shaping and delivering our ambitious plans over the next few years.  

The Committee for 2020 is:
Chairperson: Colin McMillan
Treasurer: Steve Harris

Committee Members:
Aimee Alderdice
Jennifer Arbuthnot   Read More
Brendan Grimes Read More
Kim Carvill
Carol Harris
Scott McDowell   Read More
Sylvia Watt   Read More
Yvonne Monaghan
Lauren Monaghan