Treasurer/Committee memberSteve Harris

My name is Steve Harris and I am the New Treasurer/committee member of Brainwaves NI.

I live in Moira with my wife Carol who has a Benign Meningioma Brain Tumour.

Carol was diagnosed in December 2014 and had a Craniotomy surgery performed on her in April 2015 to remove most of the Tumour ,  due to its location.

We met the charity at one of their Free weekend breaks for people living with Brain Tumours.

We both had a fantastic time meeting and chatting to other patients and carers and also had great support from the charity through our difficult times.

As this charity has NO funding from any sources I felt then that I had to give something back to them so I joined the committee last year to help with fundraising.

I have now became their New Treasurer six months ago.