Doctors refer to symptoms and signs.

Symptoms are abnormal changes you have felt.

Signs are what other people have observed about you e.g. you have a weakness in an arm or leg or are having difficulty with speech.

That’s the easy bit! Because there are so many different types of brain tumour, there are a number of brain tumour symptoms and signs, depending on the nature of the brain tumour and where it is.

And these may be very severe, or may not be apparent at all. So it is a very broad spectrum with which we are dealing. Please remember this if you haven’t been diagnosed with a brain tumour. It is a rare condition and having a headache for more than a week does not mean that you necessarily have a brain tumour.

Information courtesy of brainstrust 

Brain tumour symptoms

 Symptom  Comment
 Headaches  Headaches which are more severe in the morning and wake you in the night. They are usually different   from headaches you might have had previously and will be persistent and worsen with time
 Nausea and vomiting  With a headache this can indicate increased pressure in the head (raised intracranial pressure).
 Seizures  A seizure is abnormal electrical impulses in the brain, causing sudden involuntary changes in   movement or function, sensation, awareness, or behaviour. A first time seizure in an adult is often   investigated.
 Weakness, loss of sensation or numbness  This is a sign of pressure on (or damage to) a specific part of the brain and can also be manifested   through walking unsteadily or lack of coordination (ataxia) or muscle weakness on one side of the body   (hemiparesis).
 Hearing loss  Could be a sign of an acoustic neuroma if it occurs only on one side.
 Loss/disturbance of vision, including double vision  In one or both eyes could be a symptom, if there is a tumour pressing on the optic nerve or there is one   affecting the visual pathways or if there is raised intracranial pressure.
 Speech difficulties  May also include the loss of ability to write, speak or understand words. A person may have difficulty   getting the right words out (expressive dysphasia) or difficulty articulating them (dysarthia).
 Other Brain Tumour Symptoms  Lack of concentration, confusion, memory loss, disorientation, drowsiness, change in behaviour.