Treatment Therapies

Having a brain tumour is complex. Treating a brain tumour is complex.

Increasingly, brain tumour treatment options are being ‘personalised’ to meet the needs of the patient.

Today, clinicians no longer treat just plain cancer; they use the knowledge of the biology of cancer to plan treatments more effectively, as they know so much more about it.

The current options include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy (chemo). Having ‘chemo’ will probably conjure up an image of a terribly sick, bald person. There have been major improvements in chemotherapy so that most regimens are well tolerated.

Many people have a combination of treatments and the choice of treatment depends mainly on the following:

– The type and grade of brain tumour

– Its location in the brain

– Its size

– Age

– General health

Cancer therapy often damages healthy cells and tissues and therefore side effects are common. 

Before treatment starts, ask your oncologist about possible side effects and how treatment may change your normal activities. 






Information courtesy of Brainstrust