‘Wear a Hat’

March is Brain Tumour Awareness month and we promote ‘Wear a Hat’

‘Wear a Hat’ is the national campaign to help raise awareness and vital funds for Brain Tumour Research.

Every year, Brainwaves NI support Brain Tumour Research with their ‘Wear a Hat’ campaign encouraging everyone to do a FUN Hat and host an event at home or work to fundraise for vital research.

Brainwaves NI encourage nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, public sector bodies and office workers to Wear a Hat and make a donation in aid of the annual ‘Wear a Hat’ campaign.

From sponsored silences to charity runs and office bake-offs, organisations and people around Northern Ireland are being encouraged to raise money in any which way they see fit.

You could even nominate your boss to Wear a Hat for a day in return you will make a donation on their behalf.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact 028 8676 6000 or email info@brainwaves-ni.org for a fundraising pack.

If you are interested in getting creative, you can try these suggested ideas and resources for making your own HAT

Brainwaves NI are a proud member ofBrain Tumour Research Group’.