Committee Member – Yvonne Monaghan

My name is Yvonne Monaghan, and I live in Ballymoney. My daughter Lauren was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour when she was 12 years old. She had 2 craniotomies to de-bulk her tumour but unfortunately after her second surgery she developed life-threatening complications and was in a coma in ICU. By the power of prayer, she pulled through but we soon realised that it was still growing. I had to give up my career in nursing as Lauren required proton therapy in America and underwent clinical trials at St Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, Memphis. Lauren is now 20. She has multiple medical conditions & takes daily life-saving medication. Her tumour is now stable and I’m totally inspired by her courage, strength & determination. Despite missing so much school, she is now at university. She is my superstar!

As a parent, I completely understand the stress and sleepless nights that comes with a brain tumour diagnosis. I would like to assist anyone needs support.